Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Maher Weekly Menu

I must start by telling you that two weeks ago I did a week long food menu and it worked out great. I felt so prepared all week long. Last week I got lazy and didn't do the menu and I was back to fretting about dinner every afternoon around three. My advice to myself...just take the time to do the menu. Things are always much smoother when you know what is happening in the kitchen.
This week is suppose to be a bit cooler. It is really difficult to cook when it is in the 100's. I don't mind grilling but heating up the kitchen with the oven is just to much. So I am going to try to bake cookies for Shane's lunches and fresh blueberry muffins to put in the freezer for up coming hot weather. Also, this weekend is the Louis Palau festival and the Dew Tour so we are going to be really flexible with the weekend menu.

Breakfast: Yogurt w/ bananas and fresh blue berries.
Cheese quesadillas w/ salsa and sour cream.
Dinner: Shephard's Pie and green salad.

Breakfast: WW fresh blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup.
Lunch: Play dates so...PB&J etc.
: Homemade pizza and green salad.

Breakfast: WW fresh blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup.
Lunch: Left over pizza and sliced veggies with dip.
Dinner: Out to dinner with family.

Breakfast: Eggs and toast w/ fresh peaches.
Lunch: Tuna on rye crackers w/ cheese and tomatoes.
Dinner: Steak, bean and corn taco dish.

Fresh blueberry french toast.
Lunch: Toasted cheese sandwiches w/ cucumber slices.
Dinner: Grilled Chicken, green salad and rice.

Fresh fruit and toast or muffins.
Lunch: Green salad and left overs.
Dinner:Left overs...

Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls and fruit.
Lunch: Burger Thing @ church
Dinner: New potatoes w/ fresh butter and chives, green salad.

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christa jean said...

Mmmm, all of your breakfasts sound wonderful!!! That has to be my favorite meal of the day!