Saturday, April 16, 2011

The End of Week Four

Wow, I cannot believe that we have actually made it to the end of week 4!! This really has been an incredible journey. The beginning was so tough but we all pushed through and are feeling better today and are looking forward to more healing in the future. Hadassah and Kate have both moved on to the full GAPS diet. This means they are able to eat a variety of foods including nuts, seeds, coconut and some fruits. They are so happy. Hadassah is doing great. She has such a wonderful appetite and eats each meal with joy and excitement. You should see her eat her veggies and ferments, never a complaint. She is having 1-2 BM a day consistently, she is joyful and always willing to help. Kate loves her soup. We are having a bit of trouble getting the ferments down but with a little encouragement I have been able to get a tbs or so down her with each meal. She is noticeable less clumsy and her speech is improving. Adelaide has a hardy appetite. We are still at the beginning stages with her because she continues to have loose stool. Still working on getting high fat, gelatinous foods into her. I have also been giving her raw coconut water kefir to aid in healing her gut. I have seen a steady improvement in my digestion. I have more mental clarity as well as more energy through out the day. It's amazing when we fuel our bodies with good, healthy fat, instead of carbohydrates how much better we feel. I began this diet to heal my gut and my children, as well as teaching them the importance of eating REAL food and what effect good eating habits can have on our health. BUT the 16lbs I have lost has not gone unnoticed. We'll just call it a side benefit. What we ate today Breakfast~ cup bone broth 1 egg + 2 yokes sauerkraut coconut flour pancakes w/ ghee and honey Lunch~Chicken soup cucumber sauerkraut Snack (H&K) Apple and soak and dehydrated walnuts Dinner~Butternut squash soup Asparagus sauerkraut Chicken legs w/ skin Dessert~Frozen blueberries

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hobby baker said...

Awesome! Love the results you're seeing in the girls. Clumsiness is one of the symptoms Robin has had for practically her whole life that is related to low muscle tone. I'll bet she might see similar improvements. Now if I could just get them all onboard...
PS. - Gratz on the 16 lbs!