Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 (Happy Birthday Meyer)

Outside My Window...The sun is shinning, hot and the wisteria is growing out of control.
I am thinking...I should take a short power nap.
I am thankful for...My children. They bless me each and every day.
From the kitchen...Some dishes but later today I will begin a sourdough starter, soak flour for rhubarb cake (I have rhubarb coming out of my ears) and making pasta and salad for dinner with mango ice cream for desert (homemade, of course).
I am wearing...A light cotton tank top (which is soothing to my massive sun burn) and my pajama pants (late start today) embarrassing, I know.
I am creating...my home management binder and monthly schedule.
I am going...to stay home all day.
I am reading...The Good Book and The Shaping of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot.
I am hoping...the temperature stays down so I don't have to turn on the AC.
I am hearing...the fan blowing.
Around the house...it is quiet. Everyone is napping. There are toys to be picked up after nap time and garage sale piles to be priced and sorted.
One of my favorite things...a full night of sleep.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Raspberry picking on Thurs, Mom's in the Park on Wed, visit Grandma Dykstra on Friday, making whey and saurkraut throughout the week and spending the weekend enjoying my husband and kids.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...My first pie. Yes, my mother and my grandma Salo were the master pie makers but sadly I never had the chance to learn from them. So, I have been taking their recipes and working to perfect them. My brothers say, I am second best. That will do, for now. Making pies has also been a great way to share memories about my mom and grandmother with my kids.

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Sandy said...

Great blog, Niina. I will look forward to coming back to this often. Beautiful pie. I have a pie hint for those double crusts pies that I have always loved. Bake them in a brown paper bag. The bag helps them to brown evenly and the run-overs stay in the bag. It may take an extra five minutes to be done.

Jan said...

Hey Niina...so glad you started a blog. It will be a great insight into who you are to someday share with your children.

Michele said...

I love Elisabeth Elliot's books! :) I used to listen to her old radio program, too. Loved it.

Your pie looks delicious! Good job!
Thanks for the link to my blog.
Michele :)

christa jean said...

Hi Niina! I just popped over from my friend Tiff's blog!

I have been wanting to get me hands on that book by E.E. for so long! A must-read I've heard.

I went to Moms in the Park one time with my friend Brenna, may join again soon. If I do, I'll have to ask around for a girl named Niina! ;-D