Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I need to catch up

It's been a little crazy around these parts...I have neglected to post these last few weeks. So, here is an update. Recent pictures and happenings at the Maher home.

Hadassah with her Great Grandma Dykstra. Recoving from surgery is much sweeter with a little 3 year old.

The girls with GG

My smiley girl

Hadssah's hair cut. I love the little bob.

Angle Kelsea and Princess Hadassah on the saddle at the Harvest Party.

First time cute!

Our little Pumpkin

My cute girls in the leaves

Hadassah not quit sure about the dirty leaves.

An almost toothless grin

Hadassah on the train going out to the Pumpkin Patch

Me and my sweet little girl

It's all about the Pumpkins

Hmmm...precious little girls

Our family...

I hope that in some sense you feel caught up on our lives. God continues to bless our family as we look to him to direct our path.

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Jan said...

Such sweet photos! Such sweet girls. (Could use a few more photos of YOU, though, Niina!)

Thanks so much for sharing. Love the fall photos. Fall light is great in photos.