Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 2

Well if I thought day one was difficult, day two was even worse. Last night H and K both woke up and vomited several times. I thought this a strange die-off reaction since we haven't started with the probiotic foods or supplements. I now believe it was simply a poor timed tummy bug.

Both woke with stomach pains and refused to eat breakfast or lunch. K took a morning and afternoon nap and H took an afternoon nap. I desperately needed to go to the grocery. Around 4 they seemed well enough to travel. I also promised them some kombucha (not technically legal on the intro but full of live cultures AND they were willing to drink it). They both ate a small bowl of chicken soup for dinner, took detox baths (this time with apple cider vinegar) and are now sound asleep.

A ate well with a good attitude all day. She had one good BM (finally) and took two great naps.

I felt fine all day. Had a burst of energy late morning/early afternoon!!! No cravings!!

What we ate:

Bone broth
Hamburger soup
Chicken soup-Chicken bone stock, shredded carrot, zucchini, red pepper, onion w/ chx pieces.

Still patiently waiting for my probiotics to arrive. I think I may add in some egg yoke tomorrow. The girls keep asking when they will be able to eat apples again (2-3 weeks, maybe).

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