Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GAPS day 3

I feel like we are making head way. K is eating very well and asking for seconds on the soup. H is having a tough time adjusting and keeps asking when we are going back to our old diet. I adjusted their chore chart today to include eating each meal with a happy heart, very helpful. Of course A eats more than the other two girls and loves her veggie. Especially if she can feed them to herself.

I don't know how I missed it after reading the GAPS Guide several times but as I looked it over again today it says to only have boiled meats, veggies and bone broth for the first seven days. Well I am going to take a cue from Donna Gates 7 Principles of Health from The Body Ecology Diet. Everyone is unique. Yes, tomorrow I am going to add egg yoke for K and H. A and I will wait the seven days and then add it in. I think they need a little something more.

Today I made a list, to put on the fridge, telling us the order by which we will be introducing foods. I think it will help H understand a little more how this is going to work. When she asked about bread tonight I was able to show her when we will be adding it in (of course it is nut flour bread so GAPS legal but she will just be happy to have some with a little ghee). After I showed her she lit up and said, "that's not all that long". A welcome sign of optimism from my greatest skeptic.

H and K both took good afternoon naps. Did I tell you that H hasn't taken a nap in over six month. Something must be going on. A took two very good naps. All had detox baths with epsom salts and are sound asleep. I don't know what it is about the detox baths but the last three night H and K have fallen asleep very quickly which is not normal.

I am having a bit of trouble sleep. Not sure what is causing this. I have NEVER had a problem sleeping so the 2-3 hours I am awake in the middle of the night is tough.

What we ate:

Chicken soup
Hamburger soup
Chicken soup
Butternut squash

The girls seem to prefer the broth in soups as opposed to drinking it alone. Whatever it takes to get it down. I'll do it.

Off to take my detox bath and go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Niina,

I'm super glad you moved ahead with adding egg yolks, etc, for your kids. In GAPS Guide, it actually says Stage 1 is done for *up to* seven days (max). The seven days is only if a person has true diarrhea, etc. Most people should move forward after just 1-3 days on Stage 1. You did the right thing! Right on, Mama!

All my best,