Thursday, March 24, 2011

GAPS day 4

Well we are over half way through our first week!!

I still have not received my probiotics (yes, I called the company because they were shipped over a week ago-waiting to hear back). I decided to start taking another probiotic I have on hand that my naturopath gave me. I took half a dose to start and did not feel any symptoms of die off. Thank goodness. Since I am still nursing several times a day I would like to keep the die off to a minimum for A sake.

I added egg yoke for H and K today. Soft scrambles. They were so happy and asked for more. I thought for today 2 yokes each was enough. No reaction from either so we will try again tomorrow. If all is well this weekend we will add the whites as well.

H is still struggling with agreeing to the diet. When I call her for each meal she says she isn't hungry. I give her a small amount and it is all I can do to get her to eat it. Every meal takes almost an hour. She was the most agreeable before we started. I am a bit concerned that she isn't eating enough so I gave her some coconut oil today. That brought a smile to her face.

A and K are each eating well.

A is having regular BM but they are still loose. I had put an onion in the last soup I made, wondering if that is the problems. Finished that soup up today so we will see. H and K are not having regular BM, not good. Did I say I was looking forward to getting my probiotic!!

Off to a detox bath and bed. Blessings~

What we ate:

egg yokes (H & K)
Chicken soup
Butternut squash
Chicken soup
Veggie soup w/ chicken bone broth
Green beans

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